Thursday, February 16, 2017

Followliker Review - Do their twitter and instagram bots really work?

Hello guys, I'm Steve, 28 years old and I've been doing full time internet marketing since 2009. I want to share my Followliker experience in this free blog, and I will be completely honest on it, that's why I don't share any affiliate link and this is a free blog.

Welcome to my honest Followliker review blog! I have purchased and tried all of the versions of Followliker:
  • Their twitter edition
  • Their instagram edition
  • Their pinterest edition
  • Their tumblr edition

 They consider their social media marketing bots the "best" on the market, however, after my 8 months experience with their software, I couldn't really say they are the best. I can assure you that they have some nice features and functions, I will talk about their pros and cons as much as possible in this article.

  • Their bot is fast and multi threaded. It can run lots of accounts simultaneously. 
  • They've been around quite some time on the market, and it's popular. Many people are using it.
  • If you will just use one account and if you are not looking for a lot of functions, you'll be fine for twitter marketing and instagram marketing.
  • They only get one time fee and they will give you lifetime update for that.

  • I have created 100 twitter accounts for marketing purposes in order to use them with FL, and I've used them all with Followliker. 87 accounts were suspended by twitter even though I had private proxies and my settings were great in Followliker, 13 of my other accounts are still doing fine, I think it has really something to do with some Followliker disabilities, or maybe some footprints that were spreading by their tools. And I had success with only 2 of my twitter accounts while running Followliker.
  • Their tools are literally "hardest" to use. Really most difficult to use bots on the market I have ever seen so far, you need to spend lots of hours and bang your head on their poorly written tutorials.
  • Their customer support is terrible and very crappy, they reply to my emails like they want to get rid of my issues immediately, I always felt like they are thinking "we have no time for your simple issues, good bye!!" when they talk to me in tickets. Sometimes they even give no proper answers to tickets and sometimes replies are coming weeks after I created the support ticket.
  • They have very few functions compared to other comprehensive tools on the market!
I'm done with their products, this is just my decision, you can make your own decision after reading my opinions - both pros and cons - regarding that software. I will just stay away from their bots.

I've tried dozens of marketing tools so far and I definitely must say Followliker was worst of them. If you ask me what are my tool recommendations, please read the below:

  • Scrapebox : it's a great tool for crawling URLs from search engines, creating backlinks and it has the best tools for marketing purposes on the market. Support is great. And not that expensive tool.
  • Twitter Money Bot : for me, easiest, they have the most easy to use social media bots for me, and they have much more functions than Followliker. Their twitter bot is perfect and so powerful. Currently I'm using their bots to grow my accounts. They also have a lot of extra tools for marketing. Support is fast.
  • MassPlanner : definitely one of the best social media bots on the market, especially their instagram marketing software is killing it for me, their instagram bot is my favorite instagram bot at the moment, support is very helpful.

They are my favorite internet marketing tools and social media bots, thanks for reading my reviews on them. Have a good day!